Bath Decorative Antiques Fair – Janice Sylvia Brock Paintings

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair – Janice Sylvia Brock Paintings

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair – Janice Sylvia Brock Paintings

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair

I love Bath SPA, I love antiques fairs and that is why I have decided to attend Bath Decorative Antiques Fair. Bath SPA is one of the most beautiful cities in UK and if you have not see here before I think you should visit here. You can either take a bus from London or you can use trains.

Between 9-11th of March there was Bath Decorative Antiques Fair at the Pavilion. When I visit fairs first I make a tour and then I look out the ones I like in detail and speak with dealers.

Interestingly both at London Art Antiques fair and at Bath Decorative Antiques Fair I have met two Belgian dealers and I believe they do have great taste and pieces. I want to start from this Belgium dealer The Archives Antiques.

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair

I really loved most of their accessories but mostly these two ceramic pots and they were really in good condition price was £200 per pair.

French lamps I also liked her lamps you can see French lamps and next to that lamp there was a floor lamp and she has put lace on it which looks quite chic.

Another dealer I liked was Molly & Maud’s Place, this company is at York. I loved this Spanish firescreen, it is late 19th and early 20th century price is £1250. There are beautiful pieces on their website as well.

Spanish firescreen

When I was wandering around I have noticed beautiful brass hanging lamp and I loved the details and it has horses on it. Dealer was Nigel Bartlett. It is English and circa is 1890. It has also 4 matching wall lights, price is £3000 as a whole set.

 brass hanging lamp   brass hanging lamp

Another favourite piece belongs to John Read Smith Antiques. It is an Italian copy and I guess it would be really nice for dining rooms or living rooms.

John Read Smith Antiques I want to mention about another dealer maybe more suitable for young generation is about Tallboy Interioirs. They combine art, design and antiques and design good combinations like putting these lovely butterflies into antiques bowls.

butterflies into antiques bowls butterflies into antiques bowls

Colours are beautiful, so lively. Blue one is £600 and the colourful one at the right side is £800.

This dealer is the place I have met with Janice Sylvia Brock paintings and I like the artist’s style so I decided to write about her.


Janice Sylvia Brock

At Tallboy Interioirs I have seen this beautiful painting. Love the colours, love the style and subject and asked the dealer about the artist. This is not an antiques yet but it is really worth to invest and she is now becoming a popular artist throughout the world.

Janice Sylvia Brock is a Caribbean artist. She is English born and has two studios one of them is in Cheshire, UK and other one is in Barbados. Her paintings are already displayed in White House in USA and she has been invited to exhibit at famous Saatchi Gallery at London. Due to her health conditions so she can not paint the details but that is also make her paintings unique. Now her paintings are exchanged up to 200.000 USD. Her first book ‘Impressions of the Caribbean’ is almost sold out and now her autobiography is on the way.

If you like investing to art pieces I can suggest her paintings.


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