Grays Antiques Market and Japanese Inro

Grays Antiques Market and Japanese Inro

Grays Antiques Market and Japanese Inro

Grays Antiques

Grays Antiques which is located at the heart of London,  have been established in 1977 and there are 200 dealers inside. It is located at Mayfair and close to Bond Street Station.

There are plenty of stalls which you can find from baby dolls to ceramics. Most of the stalls are part of the Association of Art and Antique Dealers and the British Antique Dealers’ Association so they are trustable.

There are two main buildings on two levels and open from Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm, Saturdays 11 am to 5 pm.

Grays Antiques

Although there are too many stalls I especially liked couple of them and will share with you.

One of them is Jack Podlewski Antiques, he has beautiful silver and glass pieces.

Jack Podlewski Antiques jug

This beautiful jug(up) is from 1970s and belongs to designer Anthony Elson and price is £850.

whisky bottle is James Bond style

This whisky bottle is James Bond style and from 1960s, price is £280

 salt and pepper set is silver

This salt and pepper set is silver and price is around £7000.

Other delaer is AMS Antiques he was so friendly and was eager to give information to me.

This epergne below is from 1812 and price is £8000.

AMS Antiques

And below punch jar is from 1930s but there is no spoon with this jar. Price is £950.

punch jar

And the other dealer is Anita Gray, she has loveley ceramics and she is specialised on Oriental Works of Art.

I loved this piece below she said there is really rare and one of them is in the museum. This one has been repaired but generally in good condition.

Oriental Works of Art

She has also a book of her own she gave me one of them and she is really lovely and eager to give any information you need.

information booklet information booklet

Last dealer is Marina Oriental Art, she has a small stall but the most important thing is she has Netsuke and Inro. I love inros and it is not easy to come across an inro but she told me that she regularly brings Inro but sold out quickly. Especially men like Inros and you can find matching Netsukes for the inros.

Japanese Inro

Inro is small decorative container that hang from the waist. They are originated at the end of the 16th century. It was designed for the men to carry their medicines with them but from 18th century it became a decorative object.

Especially today men prefer these inros as a bag as they do have small ones as well.

There is no fixed decoration, there are variety of subjects like monkeys, lions or a performing art on it.

This inro below is sold by Marina Oriental Art at Grays Antiques.

Marina Oriental Art


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