Lea Stein Jewellery for Collectors

Lea Stein Jewellery for Collectors

Lea Stein Jewellery for Collectors

Lea Stein Paris

In terms of antiques jewellery I am the one who loves the modern ones. One of my favourite is Lea Stein Paris.  Lea Stein was born in Paris and married Fernand Steinberger in the 1950s. She entered the fashion industry at 1957 and began to work at textiles. The technical formula for Lea Stein jewellery must be credited to her genius husband. Lea Stein Paris is now the most innovative designer of plastic jewellery in the 20th century.

 Lea Stein Paris is designer of plastic jewellery

As I started to have education about Antiques in UK, I love  auctions and Antiques magazines so that is how I have discovered this brand. You can find these jewelries from Ebay, Antique shops and at auctions. But it is the best to have a look at Ebay to find affordable ones the only problem is you need to trust the seller so check sellers’ rating at Ebay, ask for returning policy and compare price and originality.

Since 1960s Lea Stein designed and produced an extensive collection of pins, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, ornamental combs, rings, picture frames, jewellery boxes, buttons and accessories.

3-D Fox Pin

The most famous Lea Stein design is 3-D Fox Pin as you can see above. This is a most remarkable design and whether an earlier or later version, an important collectible piece.

designed buttons

Lea Stein designed buttons were unusual at 1960s and bought by specialty stores in France and other countries in Europe.

collection of multi colour slim bangle

Above you can see the collection of multi colour slim bangle bracelets from 1968-1980.

cat face earrings

Multi -colour cat face earrings from 1990s. There also matching pins for these cat earrings.

Always aware that as any item of collectibles there is always the possibility of imitations so in order to be certain check the things below,

-Seller should have a good reputation

-Seller is willing to accept return

-Check whether there is signed Lea Stein Paris behind the products. Some of the pins before 1960s are unsigned and v-shaped clasp was used. Later the v-shaped clasp was signed “Lea Stein Paris”  and it is attached to the back of the pin. Other items do not always have the signature but it is possible to recognise the originality from her style.

Today Lea Stein Jewellery is quiet popular worldwide by collectors and individuals who likes creative designs.


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