London Art Fair

London Art Fair

London Art Fair

London Art Fair

For the art lovers there is always an event to see at London. This week there is London Art Fair at Business Design Centre at Islington, do not miss out this fair until Sunday 20th.

Location of the fair is quite convenient: you can either come by tube from Angel of take a bus or drive your car as there is a car park next to the business centre.

Entrance has a fee and if you do not have a ticket you can either buy it online or at the entrance. You can also have a discount when you buy online.

This fair gave emphasis especially for new talents so do not expect popular artists instead be prepared to new talents and their work. When you enter the building get your fair floor plan as it might be confusing as there are other companies inside other than the fair itself.

I can suggest for visitors to start the fair from the upper floor as there are more things to see.

This year Kimathi Donkor has got the De’Longhi Art projects Artist Award so it might be good to have a look at the stand of the Ed Cross Fine Art if you want to see the work of Kimathi Donkor.

When it comes to my favourite stands, here are my list;

First one is these wall plagues by Judy McKenzie from Thrown Gallery at London.

Judy McKenzie is a ceramic artist specialised on Japanese style which makes her work unique.

wall plagues by Judy McKenzie from Thrown


Second work I like to share is the photography of the fashion designer Gillian Hyland.

photography-Gillian Hyland

When you look at these pictures it might not be easy to identify whether it is a paint or photography as they look amazing. Gillian Hyland uses fashion and art together in her work as she is also a fashion designer.

Price of this photography is £2000 and you can see her works from her website as well.


The other work I like to mention is Salvador Dali sculptures.

You admire his talent and his art when you look at his sculptures like in his paintings.

This sculpture is Alice in Wonderland from Hazelton Galleries at Toronto.

Alice in Wonderland from Hazelton Galleries at Toronto.


Another work from Steven Marshall worth of £3400 by Tag Fine Arts.

Steven Marshall’s pictures are created by painting on to the front and back surfaces of multiple sheets of glass. His works have been exhibited in London, New York and Venice.

Steven Marshall’s

Another painting of still life from George Leslie Hunter worth of £165.000 from Duncan R Miller Fine Arts.

George Leslie Hunter

This sculpture is Pearl by Carolein Smit from James Freeman Gallery.

James Freeman Gallery


My final pick is Ghost Towers by Emily Allchurch which is a LED lightbox worth of £10.000.

Ghost Towers by Emily Allchurch

Do not miss out this event if you are around of Islington this weekend.

For more information visit the website of the fair,



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