Stonor Park Car Boot Sales-Henley on Thames

Stonor Park Car Boot Sales-Henley on Thames

Stonor Park Car Boot Sales-Henley on Thames

Stonor Park at Henley

Last week on 16th of September there was car boot sales at Stonor Park at Henley. Henley is a town on the River Thames in Oxfordshire, England. Stonor Park is a historic country house situated in the valley in the Chiltern Hills at Stonor, about four miles north of Henley on Thames in Oxfordshire. This house also has a 12th century private chapel inside.

Stonor Park Car boot Sales

While I was searching for car boot sales near me I found out Stonor Park Car boot Sales which is close to my house as I am leaving at Reading, it was just half an hour driving from home.

It is generally said that you better go to car boot sales as early as possible to find really good pieces that is why I had been there at 10 am cause for buyers they were opening from 10 am in the morning.

When you first enter the park you can see staff, they ask for entrance fee and then guide you to park your car.

It was my first car boot sales so I was a little bit excited, it was really crowded. Also keep in mind that you might be hungry although there are some vans for food you better carry some snacks with you.

car boot sales

  • First thing for me just to look at the things people are selling and find out whatever catches my eye.
  • Looking at its condition and check whether it has a label, date or any mark on it.
  • Ask sellers whether do they have any knowledge about that thing.
  • Google or search e-bay if you have time.
  • Carry Miller’s Collectables Book in case you might not have a server or internet connection, like it happened to me at Stonor Park.

Miller’s Collectable Book is updated yearly you can see the collectables and their prices from this book. It is like the one below, I bought it from Amazon.

Miller’s Collectable Book

People are visiting not just for antiques some of the people buy cheaper furniture or books from car boot sales or some interior designers just buy vintage furniture here and refurbish them and they can sell it. So it is good to remind yourself why you have decided to visit car boot sales cause you might end up buying so many things that might not be useful to you.


Always remind yourself that if this stays with me will it be a problem, do I really like it, can I use it later, is it too much money… ?

If you decide to buy you can bring it at home and make an E-bay search like what is the market for this and decide whether to sell it or use it.

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