The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair In London

The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair In London

The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair In London

The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair In London

As I am studying antiques in UK , I really enjoy to visit antiques fairs and markets whenever I can. This week there is Decorative Fairs at Battersea Park in London ends on 8th of October Sunday. I will try to visit this fair every season this is my 2nd visit and I think this one is better than the previous one. You can easily find antiques to decorate your home in this fair. This fair is generally for collectors and the antique lovers.

This fair is quite popular, there are buyers from Soho House and Anthropologie and you can see some famous English people cause they like to visit and make shopping from this fair like David and Victoria Beckham, Eddie Redmayne, Miranda Richardson. There is not only dealers all around UK you can also find dealers from other countries like Spain or Italy.

Decorative Fair is held at Battersea Park in winter, spring and autumn every year. You can easily visit here when you come to Sloane Square via underground. They do have regularly shuttles from Sloane Square which takes about 8 minutes drive to the fair so generally it is a nice organisation and worth to visit  if you like antiques.

Sloane Square, London

London London

You can find the shuttle in front of the Cote Restaurant and you can see the labels(right one at below the yellow label) , just wait for the shuttle as you will see other people doing so.

the shuttle in front of the Cote Restaurant  the shuttle in front of the Cote Restaurant

Or you can come by bus and take a walk through beautiful Battersea Park, the fair is held inside. If you have car you can drive they do have parking space and of course you can have a cap, it is located at central London.

The Decorative Antiques The Decorative Antiques


It has two floors but most of the dealers are downstairs, there is also two cafes and one restaurant inside.

The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair In London The Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair In London

I went around all dealers stalls but mostly the taste is quite good. Prices vary but I can not say cheap it is moderate to high depends on what you like to buy. I enjoy to decorate my home with modern pieces and you can combine antiques and modern pieces in your house as well.

Remember that you should ask yourself why I like to buy antiques cause it is not easy to look after them. Having antiques in your house increase the furniture’s value and you can sell them whenever you like  and you can get the cash very quickly. But if you have kids like I do or if you believe that you can not look after them really well you can sell them but you might sell it less than you reckon.

When I stepped inside I have found a dealer generally specialised on tribe’s sculptures and accessories. Loved his parts, company is Robert Barley based in Norfolk. He is lovely gentleman.

His motto is NOTHING BORING and I agree, here are the pictures from his stall.


This piece above is from Indonesia and from 1930s asking price is 950 pound, you can make bargains from this price.

The Decorative Antiques

This piece above does not have a date you need to ask for details but price is 4000 pounds.

corner cupboard

This corner cupboard which I have found really original and is really in good condition. Dealer says it is probably sailor made from ship planks which is English and circa is 1900. Asking price is 1650 pound.

You can find his products or his phone number is 01379 688 380 based in Norfolk, UK.

I decided to walk further and found out a beautiful French lamp which has been sold out in the first day of the fair. I asked the details dealer did not like to give as it has been sold.

Here it is,

 French lamp

And found out my favourite stall Maison Artefact, she is lovely and she has really good taste, look what I have found in her stall. Products might be from France, Italy and Sweden you can ask for details I will give her company details as well.

candle holder

Look at this beautiful silver gilded I do not know what should I say it is a candle holder. If you have a large living room it is fantastic. Asking price is 2800 pound but last price might be 2400 pound and it is from 18th century.

candle holder candle holder

She said she has recently started this business but I guess she will be successful, she has good taste and she is lovely.

She has a store in London , you can follow her from instagram, she has lovely pieces.

Victoria Davar

t: +44 20 7381 2500

273 Lillie Road, London, SW6 7LL, UK

Then I walked through and found out a lovely mirror, it is in good condition just a stain on the top right side but not really visible.

It is from On-Reflection Mirrors , she is based in Dorset. This mirror is French and it is from late 19th century.

Asking price is 1590 pounds check for the latest price.

On-Reflection Mirrors

I have found couple of beautiful pieces also from Lee Wright Antiques based in Leicestershire.

Lee Wright Antiques

Loved the Japanese ivory and mother of panels, really in good condition.

Asking price is 2400 pound for the two of them, circa is 1900.

Japanese ivory

And this African panel is quite nice, price is 1250 pound from 1920.

African panel

And check this mirror I fell in love which belongs to Street Marburg based in Kent, UK

It is French, condition is perfect, date is 1950.

It is late deco flower convex mirror sold as pair, asking price is 1500 pound.

Street Marburg-mirror

Also I liked these shadow puppets , there are 4 of them , origin is Indonesia price is 1250 pound

shadow puppets

This cupboard is French from 19th century price is 3950 pound.

cupboard is French

This Kralik vase is from 1900s and price is 1100 pound

Kralik vase

My favourite was this wall light French and price is 750 pound.

ight French

You can get the free tickets from their web site when you get registered, check their web site.

They can ship anything when you are in UK it is easier even dealers can ship themselves. If you like to ship abroad they do have a shipper company they ship light parts via plane, heavy parts via ship freight. They select the cheapest freight company and they deliver to the port or airport you need to arrange a delivery for your home.

This fair is really fantastic just check their website to find out the other dates, next one is between 23-28th of January 2018.


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