Winter 2019 Decorative Antiques Fair & Belleek Pottery

Winter 2019 Decorative Antiques Fair & Belleek Pottery

Winter 2019 Decorative Antiques Fair & Belleek Pottery

Decorative Antiques Fair

The Decorative Antiques Fair which is one of my favourite one has opened its doors for winter this time and you can visit the fair till Sunday 27th of January.

This fair is different than the other art & antiques fairs as this fair’s main focus is about decoration. So if you are the one who loves antique decoration, this fair is the right place for you.

This fair is family owned and they are helding this event three times a year; Winter Fair in January, Spring Fair in April and Autumn Fair at late September.

This event is held at Battersea Park. You can either use public transport or drive your car, check the link below for further information as there is also shuttle services every 15 minutes from Sloane Square as well,

eda's favorite

Here are my top picks of this event,

Sue Norman

White and blueware potteries are what Sue Norman is specialized on and I loved these plant pots. Unique and so decorative and you can either use inside or outside of your house.
White and blueware potteries Sue Norman

These plant pots are designed by Doulton Lambeth art pottery by 1880s and the details are beautiful. This company was established by John Doulton in 1815. His son Henry Doulton took over this company at 1887 and hired talented artists to decorate an extensive art pottery. Their talents were recognized by royal collectors as well.

You can check Sue Norman’s web site for further stocks,

Merelyn Ashton-Alston & Ashton

This Somerset based antiques company is selling from paintings to decorative stuff. I liked the photograph of David Bowie which is a limited edition and signed by himself.

Diamond Dogs , David Bowie by photographer Terry O’neill, 1974.

Diamond Dogs

This picture is taken during publicity shots for his 1974 album ‘Diamond Dogs’ in London. This is the 21st edition of 50, price is £18.000.

William Cook Antiques

What I have loved in this company’s stock is Brazilian Agate Lamp. Actually these stones are quite unique and I loved the patterns and the colour of these stones and they look beautiful with the light. Price is £3150 per pair.

 Brazilian Agate Lamp

Peter & Lucy Sohier

This Belgium based company is coming to London only for fairs and I think it is really worth to look at their stands every time. This time i loved the German candle holders from 1960s, these shackable candle holders are in the tree composition and you can design of your own, price is £2200 per pair.
German candle

Les Trois Garcons

This London based company is combining both modern and antiques furniture. I loved their Dutch cabinet from 18th century, other than repainting everything is original and good condition, price is £6800.
antiques furniture

I loved the details and craftsmanship,

details and craftsmanship

Long Tran Antiques

This company is porcelain specialist and it is possible to find potteries from Meissen to Irish brand Belleek.

I loved this Belleek porcelain basket,
Belleek porcelain basket

To be honest I discovered Beleek porcelain in this fair and I made a quick research about this brand like to share the story of this brand as well;

Belleek Porcelain

Belleek Porcelain is an Irish company established at 1857 with a history of 160 years. Each piece is created by 16 individual artisans and company is applying their strict policy that any piece with the slightest flaw should be destroyed.


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