Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia

Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia

Winter Art & Antiques Fair Olympia

London Olympia

At London Olympia there was Art & Antiques Fair between 31st of October to 5th of November . There were 100 specialist dealers showing a vast array of items with prices ranging from  £ 100 to  £ 1 million. There were 30.000 pieces presenting art, jewellery, antiques, furniture, jewellery and collectors’ pieces.

I will share some of the pieces from the fair which I enjoyed most. I will start from jewellery. I have met with an English lady and she is the owner of Grasilver jewellery company. She is collecting Scandinavian silver jewellery and only selling these which I found very interesting and her collection is worth to see.

 jewellery is silver sterling

Her jewellery is silver sterling and naturally expensive like from £ 200 to £ 20.000 but very niche and the dates are from 1960s, if you are interested you can visit her store at London as well.

Also there were so many art galleries at the fair although some of the paints were not antiques, there were really nice ones as well. I liked the Tracey Emin ‘I think of You’ and the asking price was £ 5800.

Tracey Emin ‘I think of You’

Also I liked the work of Virgil Walter Ross , who was an American cartoonist artist and animator. Best known for his work on the Warner Bros animated shorts and Academy Award-winning ‘Looney Tunes’ cartoons. Asking price was £ 3950.

Virgil Walter Ross

Also I liked the paintings of the artists of Tyrolean School and especially liked the portraiture drawing of Fritz Wagner, price was  £ 1850.

artists of Tyrolean School

There were really nice sculptures at the fair , especially I liked sculptors Benson Landes and Richard Smith.

This one belongs to Benson Landes, price was £ 5950.


These bird sculptures belong to Richard Smith

sculptures belong to Richard Smith

Also these boxing hares belong to Richard Smith, price was £ 7250.

boxing hares - Richard Smith

I loved this mirror, condition was quite good and it belongs to Regency period, price was £ 2400.

Regency period-mirror

Finally my favourite piece was a paint of Francesco Beda, name of ‘Art Lesson’.

Francesco Beda,  Art Lesson

Next Art & Antiques Fair will be held at London Olympia between 20th of June to 27th of June 2018. You can find the information from their web site. You can buy the tickets from the entrance as well.


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